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The air control room in Among Us. The name comes from O₂, the chemical formula for an oxygen molecule.
It wasn't me; I was in O2.
by Mr. Twinkieface November 20, 2020
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What the mouth should really be called.
They touched their salivanises together and kissed.
by Mr. Twinkieface November 19, 2020
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Person: What's wrong?
Guy: A stupid massive creepis blew up my house.
Person: Oh...
Guy: It felt super gay.
by Mr. Twinkieface December 5, 2020
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A nickname for the forecastle deck of a ship, referencing the fact that the poop hole is on the back of the body, and the pee hole is on the front.

In ships that have a penis and testicles, this can also be called the cum deck.
by Mr. Twinkieface January 20, 2021
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When you poop in a spiral shape so it creates a disc similar to a hockey puck.
Join the Poop Pucks Plan today!
by Mr. Twinkieface January 1, 2021
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