45 definitions by Mr. Twinkieface

A more efficient and inclusive way to say “amen and awomen.”
In Jesusname we pray, apeople.
by Mr. Twinkieface January 25, 2021
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An insulting nickname for Pepsi. This works because if you rearrange the letters you get "penis," so you are comparing Pepsi to penis, or a gross penis I guess.
by Mr. Twinkieface October 19, 2020
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A nickname for your fake name.

"nick-" (as in nickname) + "alias"
My alias turned out to be hard to say, so I gave myself an easier-to-pronounce nickalias as well.
by Mr. Twinkieface January 10, 2021
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someone who likes sherbet in Sprite
If you like sherbet in Sprite, comment "I am a Mormon!"
by Mr. Twinkieface September 27, 2020
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This meme's caption is just "poopnis music" and I am confused.
by Mr. Twinkieface November 18, 2020
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