a person who tries to please (esp. one's boss) so much that their nose turns brown from kissing their ass.
That brown-noser got my f#@king promotion!
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
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Johnny went the rest of the day with a brown nose because when he went to kiss his boss's ass, his nose went into his asshole.
by "Dirt" June 5, 2004
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Alike to the term ass kisser, brown-noser is a person who obviously has his/her head to close to the dirty arse of some person (or something).
Tony Blair has his head stuck up Bush's conservative arse, such a fucking brown-noser.
by Dammo June 8, 2004
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A person who acts favorably to his or her peers to gain stasis or fancy that will eventually be used to their advantage. Such as a raise, promotion, or acceptance in a group. Usually brown nosers will do anything to gain the approval of their person of choice. These people can also be described as losers because they can’t work for what they want, instead they play dirty and butter-up the boss/teacher/peer into getting what they want. Another word for this person is a shoe shiner or a rough translation of brown noser in Spanish is, an eye licker.
"Whoa, didya see jimmy washing the principal's car?? He's such a brown noser..."
by Chacha June 18, 2004
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when someone sucks up so badly to another person, that they are literally up their ass 24/7, which gives them the brown nose
Paul: dude chris is such a brown noser.
Doug: ya i know.
Paul: no man, i mean he actually has a peice of shit on his nose.
by Sotel May 3, 2005
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Brown nosing, an alternative to a suck up. When someone attention seeks by over complimenting another, without critisizing them.

This conjurs the mental image of putting your nose through a anus, which termed a brown noser.
"But they won't be interested in talking to you if you just brown nose them."
by Anonymous January 7, 2005
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A suck up thats nose is always brown from eating their bosses/teachers delicious shit right out of their ass.
Omg Jessica is suck a Brown Noser
by Slowy0urself August 23, 2020
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