Oh look, a Hummer. As you can see, the average Hummer drivers attire includes but is not limited to: Flatbill cap(typically worn backwards at an angle), aviators or some sort of sunglasses, TAPOUT shirt, and board shorts. Watch as he flaunts his wallet, and plastic girlfriend.
Look at that toolbag getting out of his hummer. Im not sure what costs more; The girl he's with, or the gas.
by Rocket1771 September 02, 2010
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A completely worthless gas pig piece of crap. A status symbol built for armchair soldiers and idiots who are trying to look cool.
A Hummer sucks gas, sucks crap, and sucks dirt. They suck.
by GM_Is_Going_Broke May 13, 2005
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A spasticated, wannabe, faggotmobile civilian copycat military vehicle.
''Damn lad, what the fuck you doing in that? Where'dya nick it? The RAF base? You fuckin pussy!''
by rafa May 06, 2003
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A hazard to the road that puts the drivers of smaller vehicles at serious risk in case of an accident with one of these monsters. Seriously folks, I drive a 96' 2 door Pontiac GrandAm. What the hell do you think would happen if I got in a wreck with a Hummer!? Gets about 9-12 miles per gallon, and big rich men with sunglasses talking on a cell phone can be frequently seen driving them. Occasionally you will see the top of a woman's head over peering over the dashboard and two skinny arms reaching up to the wheel.
Hummer, the car that says: "I have a small penis."
by AFHorses August 14, 2005
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An extremely oversized American SUV designed under General Motors that has approximately 1.2 - 3.0 miles to the gallon and can be seen mounted on HUGE 22'' - 52'' inch rims with at least 15 spot lights on the roof typically driven by a skinny white bitch!!!
Hey Fabian, Hey John, I drove my Hummer to pick up my kids from school this afternoon and I ended up hitting 59 parked cars, filling her up with $189.92 in DISEL GAS and running over 10 ducks by Century Village...not to mention I scared about 85, 85 year-olds!!!!
by iPhoneFR3AK September 23, 2008
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1) An extremely large vehicle once intended solely for heavy-duty amphibious use by military personnel, now common in civilian transportation.

2) An act of fellatio in which the woman hums while performing.
My foot was crushed to pieces when the Hummer backed over it.

I received a hummer last night and reached climax rather quickly.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
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