When one takes a four wheel drive vehicle off of pavement and onto a dirt trail or field and drives around having fun. Best done in a Jeep.
I want to go off roading so bad.

I just found this awesome place to go off roading, I took my jeep and it handled perfectly
by Ryan L.. July 22, 2005
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To take a shit down someone's anus after sodomising them.
From Bridget Jones' Diary.

Mar 9th.

Vodkas: 2 Cigarettes 10 (9 post-coital!)

Mark took me out for a fancy meal down Starburger. He then took me home and showed that his lovemaking tendencies leaned towards the Greek. Halfway through his stuffing my arse however, he insisted that I hold my gaping anus open whilst he took a shit down it. I said that this was impossible, he insisted that "all my previous bitches loved off roading."
by fourfoot August 11, 2006
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When my girlfriend's pussy got sore, I rolled her over, lubed up her ass, and went off-roading.
by jd1989 November 2, 2012
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When you are licking an unshaven girl's vagina and your tongue wanders into her pubes.
A: "Bro, last night I went off-roading when I was eating out Caitlin..."
B: "F"
by MadeByForce November 4, 2019
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The act of receiving road head while driving off-road so as to allow the bumps in the road do the work for you.

Caution: Driving too fast while receiving off-road head can have disastrous results. 15 mph is the maximum recommended speed.
Erin said she was too tired to give Michael road head so he turned his 4x4 down an old dirt trail to get some off-road head instead.
by drawkcaB July 15, 2015
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Urban Off-Roading is the intentional use of a vehicle, typically a non four wheel drive vehicle, as a off road vehicle in an urban environment. Urban Off-Roading is not strictly limited to non four wheel drive vehicles, in some situations, four wheel drive may be recommended. Location(s) or obstacle(s) of which urban off roader may encounter: staircases, benches, curbs, center medians, guard rails, parking space dividers, parking garages or lots, ect. Urban Off-Roading is not to be mistaken for Carkour. Urban Off-Roading is a far more aggressive and dangerous approach to Carkour. Also, Urban Off-Roading has no purpose but to exist as itself, only for off-roading and entertainment purposes. Carkour exists as a form of entertainment as well as a mode of transportation.
Hey dude. My friends and I are going Urban Off-Roading this weekend in downtown LA. My buddy is bringing his Cherokee, but I am bringing my Corolla.
by Ryan Washburn May 21, 2011
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A Super Nintendo rally racing game involving Toyota trucks. It features an over-head view. You race against 3 other trucks as you earn money to upgrade your truck. Steering is relative to where you're facing.
Super Off Road is great...except for that damn silver truck...
by Squeegee September 2, 2006
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