you niggas dont take a shower.
only go outside for food
u a 900 pound gorilla and u still bronze sorry you lack social life.
anyway go fuck ur self.
that nigga a lol player
ha what a nigger
by cockandballsinmybooty February 18, 2022
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A virginity shield. A person permanently virgin. If a non player lose their virginity and after that start playing LoL will recover their virginity.
-He is a virgin
-He must be a LoL Player
by Blackdot October 5, 2022
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a person who i simp for even though they don't take shower and only go out for food
"i simp for this guy"
"he is a lol player"
"i simp even more"
by searching4cuteid March 3, 2022
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A depressed person, mostly mare around the age of 12-25.
Plays the game because it's the only game he learned how to play when he was 8. Knowing his game is trash he still tries to defend it by calling every other game too easy and bad or full of children but don't have any other excuses. Rarely it'll be a female but can only be found playing the support role. LoL players either exist because of broken condoms or some other accident brought them into the "game". Mostly a virgin.
Chris is a LoL player he's depresed. Stay away or he'll talk shit about a good game
by AlxR25 November 20, 2021
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