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HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. This is the name given to a system (now usually a software) that contains database of the employees. This software is used to manage Human Resources (employees) of a company by its Human resource Department.

It is also called Talent Management System, Performance Management System
1. An example of HRIS software is Empxtrack. its website is
2. Another example of HRIS is Taleo.
3. Another example is Successfactors
by Gireesh Kumar Sharma February 04, 2008
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Head Related Incident.

Any incident caused by getting head in your vehicle whilst in the driver seat.
I have no idea what happened man, i think she was like kneeling on the floor in front of the seat, my arm was over her head and when she sat up i burned a hole in the seat with my cigarette, Total head related incident.

- hah, a fucking H.R.I.
by Ghost. September 03, 2007
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