A greeting among the south/south-western states, mostly known as a Texan saying. Meaning: Hello, how's your day?
by munecaratonsita October 29, 2012
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Howdi is a neighborhood-based app for helping users find help from their neighbors without having to pay. Users ask for help with things like finding lost items, taking class notes, recommending local food places. Helpers are rewarded in-app points for completing requests. These points can be used to redeem deals from local businesses.
Person 1: I lost my cat
Person 2: Have you make a help request on Howdi?
Person 2: I can help you and get points! lol
by uncleray September 28, 2019
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Southern way of saying hi, but it's also crammed with 'how are you?'
Darrel: Hi how are you?
John: Howdy there.
by UnknownArizonan177 March 28, 2019
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1. (n) A half shot glass serving of liquor.

2. (n) A ramekin serving of any liquid.
"I'll have a PBR and a howdy of Jameson."
by Johnny Gutts January 5, 2020
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When you see a sexy female and your cock gets rock hard.
by BIGMANBAGMAN January 13, 2020
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Canadian Air Force way of warning fellow crewmembers of an impending fart. Volume of the spoken word 'Howdy' is directly proportional to the anticipated volume of the gas to be passed.
by F/Sgt Cos Man July 24, 2004
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