"how do you do?"
commonly thought of as common slang in the south, particularly texas.
FIRST OF ALL: nobody here says howdy and barely anyone wears cowboy boots. my god.
'stop trying to impersonate texans, bitch!'
by jessica! September 29, 2005
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Verb, to have sexual intercourse with.
"Man, would you check Suzy out?" "Yeah, I've LOVE to howdy that!"
by Baby Phil September 13, 2004
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The word that camels use to greet one another.
by August 1, 2003
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Howdi is like the fake word “howdy” but is spelt with an I because it’s just better. Even though it is spelt with a y in dictionaries and you’ve been brought up to spell it like that, Howdi is actually spelt with an I in the heart.

So folks always listen to your heart and not the internet or anyone that spells Howdi with a fucking y.

Okay thanks

Person 1: Howdi (person 2)!
Person 2: Howdi (person 1)!

Person 1: um how do you spell Howdi?
Person 2: well obviously with an I, what do you think I am
Person 1: very good. What about you (person 3)
Person 3: uhh I spell it with a y because it that’s how I was brought up to spell it.
Person 1: *shook*
by sand eating sad boy hehe April 22, 2019
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Another word commonly used instead of hello, hi, hey.
Howdie how has your day been?
by Michael Permenn September 19, 2006
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A feeling of utter howdiness that cannot simply compare to any other feeling of joy, happiness or bliss. ‘Tis howdiness if you will. Only few can achieve this feeling and those who do, radiate it.
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