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The words at the beginning of a diary entry written by someone who can't think of anything to write or thinks their diary is alive.
Dear diary... today was the worst and best day of my life.

To conclude, my dearest diary, I spent all day in McDonalds with some chavs.
by Dan1456 February 2, 2008
A mailing system delivered by Microsoft that gives you spam on toast in the morning and then feeds you junk in the evening.
Alex: Dude, I keep receiving fresh spam all the time in my hotmail account
Ben: It's called Hot-Mail for a reason - it serves freshly cooked spam all day long.
Alex: My bad
by Dan1456 February 2, 2008
Used to describe something shoddy or rubbish.
G.W.Bush: My fellow Americans, my days as President have been Bush league
by Dan1456 February 2, 2008
One of 2 possibilities:

1) A security hole in IE that leaves the user open to viruses and spyware.

2) A bug in the way the hopeless browser renders a webpage when every other browser displays it correctly
Web designer 1: Man, what's happened to my page? It looked great when I designed it in Firefox

Web designer 2: Dude, that's an internet explorer bug again. Why do people even use this pile of rubbish anymore. *Sighs*
by Dan1456 February 2, 2008
People who are angry at John Lennon, famous Beatles member.

Reasons for this hate might be anger at his (seemingly) liberal attitude to everything, his anti-establishmentism or just haters of his music. The reason is usually political though.

He was very much against religion which made a lot of people angry at him. Of course, this is hypocritical since he says he's so "liberal", yet he wants to force people to believe what he wants by removing religion.

Some people therefore are not angry at him for being against religion, or for his political beliefs, but for his hypocritical attitude to things
One of the John Lennon haters was Mark Chapman who shot him in 1980
by Dan1456 February 2, 2008
Criticising the Apple Mac operating system. Many Windows die hard fans do this to boost their egos and confidence in their own favourite operating system
Tom: Windows rules. Mac is rubbish. I hate Apple so much - iPods are disgusting, get a MS Zune instead

Mark: Stop mac bashing - it's getting on my nerves
by Dan1456 February 2, 2008
Combination of "remedial" and "retard" that insults a persons intelligence
Dave: "uh where did I put my pen"

George: "You're such a remtard man"
by Dan1456 February 2, 2008