A term used to refer to a woman's breasts in a public setting, so that only you and your friends know you are checking out her fun bags.

They are called hotdog buns because you want to put your wiener between them.
A "gifted" woman walks by Bilbo and S.P.9, and Bilbo says "Damn look at those hotdog buns!"
by S.P. is my buddy November 3, 2011
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Intensely swollen or inflamed pussy lips that resemble hot dog buns.
This yeast infection is so bad, I'm sportin' hotdog buns.
by nellyandtimmy February 23, 2008
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The Bread around the weinner.
George: May I insert my hotdog into your bread?

Hank: Yes.

George: You Frigen' rule, Hank.
by Matt June 7, 2004
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When your homie holds you from behind while you beat your shmeats onto your girlfriends tiddies. You two can take turns. Your homie can also be the receiver
Me: Hey Rick, Becky and I wanna try a HotDog Bun Penelopope. You wanna be my bun doggie?
Rick: Fish Stick Frogger papi!
by Grooby Gambo Goober January 13, 2021
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Going down on a bitch while she's on the rag and pulling her tampon out with your teeth and then swallowing the tampon only replacing it with your tongue.
Elaine is talking to her friend Jane about the Ketchuppy Hotdog Bun that was performed on her the previous night.
by Slimy Phil October 15, 2008
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1. a slice of bread

2. a hamburger bun, roll, croissant, muffin, biscuit or any other bread
Son: Do we have any hotdog buns?

Mom: We've got about 1/2 a loaf of West Virginia hotdog buns.
by FinelyThreaded February 6, 2022
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To have anal sex with a girl while spanking one side of her ass untill it bruises and turns black, making it look like a half-burnt hotdog bun.
Wow he just half-burnt hotdog bunned her so hard she won't be able to sit down for months
by J.B.G December 16, 2006
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