While very similiar to a traditional Hot Carl, this new defination is when your asshole dialysis patient decides to take his full shit bag and throw it in your general direction to show his displeasure about some trivial matter, like some damn dirty ape.
That patient was so mad that we were late, he tried to give me a hot carl. Luckily I was able to dodge it and it flew all over the nurse. If he does it again I will puke right on that fucker's head.
by Damn Dirty Ape May 20, 2007
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When a girl gives a guy a blow job while he is taking a dump.
In the latest porn video I rented, there were three hot carl scenes.
by bigboy jeff October 07, 2003
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Taking a shit in a sock and slapping someone in the face with it!
Wow, Matt just got a steamy hot carl to the face....gross
by DreamySarah November 23, 2007
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EVERYONE IS WRONG IM SORRY TO SAY but a hotcarl is when a woman gives you a bj while you take a shit
last night i had the best hotcarl ive ever had.
by porteous3000 July 04, 2006
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the act of sucking dick right after it has been fucking an asshole. also known as oaas... ''Oral After Anal Sex''. the anal sex can be douched or undouched.
i fucked her ass and then she sucked my dick... it was the first time i gave a hot carl to a chick.
by i am the great cornholio December 27, 2007
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A stripper was cock-blocking her friend, another stripper whore, by telling me and me friends that the bitch was into some sick shit like "Hot Carls". She explained it to us; to have her face shit on.
by Daeman May 30, 2005
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