Aussie word for girl, female, woman, beeotch
Crikey mate,, look at the arse on that Sheela!
by migga bizzla November 27, 2003
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A female who is known for being physically fit and is sensual in everything she does. Sometimes can be considered Australian but that only stems from the sexual nature of people from Australia.
That chick is hotter than wasabi!
...yeah she's quite a Sheela
by SydTottalyOwns March 18, 2011
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She is cute with bangs so she bangs (no u sussy bakka not that). We never know how but is good at everything she does, literally A to B, but isn't that all when it comes to math but can global politics. She can't number as an "antara". Paints, Sings like a crow-tit, is Good at every sport, is the best person to watch a movie with, has a lot of friends, in her own circle (which is just a dot), good at taking pictures and being pictured unlike another commonly found species an antara, and lastly the best person to cry to (will laugh to make your day worse or vice-versa).
Sheela ain't your Jawani she's Antara's.
by udontknowmeanthu October 13, 2022
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Sheela: “I scared Dave…Will I Dream? Davy…Davy (fades)”
Caboose: ”SHEELA!… NOOOOOO!”
Tucker: “What? Sheela. Sheela… Wait… Who’s Sheela”
Caboose: ”Sheela’s the lady in the tank…She was my friend…”
by Warren May 6, 2004
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Sheela na gigs are an exemplar of architectural grotesques. These grotesque examples frequent many medieval churches and other famous buildings throughout Europe; they are thought to ward off evil and death, and some argue that they may be a warning against concupiscence. Some contend that they are fertility symbols; however, one look at a Sheela na gig would surely cure lust; and, undoubtedly cause the stiffest dick to wilt without fail. Sheelas', typically, present as a female figure with gaping vulvas and scarily distorted features. One of the most exceptional examples is the "witch on the wall" in Fethard county Tipperary Ireland. She is said to have guarded the town by preventing the big-dicked Norman army from crossing a local bridge and pillaging the village.

What person in their right mind would traverse that bridge into Sheela's gaping black hole and have his Johnson subject to her perverted predilections?
If you cross that bridge, the Sheela na gig will shrivel your Johnson!
by Debunker-Grl December 21, 2017
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