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When a guy fucks a chick or a dude in the ass and his dick is covered in shit as a result.
1. After John fucked Jake in the ass he had a shitty dick.
2. After Trevor pounded Chrissy's pooper, Chrissy sucked Trevor's shitty dick clean.
3. Damn, I love me some shitty dick!
4. How much do you charge to suck my shitty dick so it has no more shit on it?
5. How can one man have such a shitty dick?
6. You are a shitty dick muther fucker!
by Buck Bronko November 20, 2005
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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n. A banana smeared with peanut butter. A longtime favorite (watch the cottonmouth!)
"Dude, I'm hungry. You got something to snack on?"
"How 'bout a shitty dick!"
"Right on, bro!"
by shish September 01, 2004
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Talking about a bad situation or something bad that has happened
Robert: Dude, my mom did a break check this morning in the car and I spilled Dr. Pepper all over myself

Alex: Oh dude THATS a shitty dick
by Chickenbone1993 March 12, 2009
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When your having one of the worst days ever. When nothing can make it better. Being as upset as if you had shit on your dick.

Used in place of "that sucks", "Thats fucked" or many of those phrases your friends will mumble.
man1: I'm having a bad day! My car just got repo'd, my dog ran away, and I just got fired!

man2: Shitty Dick dude
by Nor*Cals Most^Wanted August 19, 2010
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