The act of sexual outercourse where the man slides his penis between his partners buttocks.
Hey I was hot-dogging this chick last night and it was awesome!
by Tbl Herp! March 12, 2011
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A wiener that is inserted into a split bun and is usually served with sauce.
by AnthonyG March 7, 2007
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Just a silly word that is used in an expression of excitement
Hot Dog was that fun!
I can't wait to go sky diving tomorrow, Hot Dog!!!
by Tiffers September 12, 2005
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Butt Sex. The butt cheeks are the buns. The penis is the hotdog.
My girlfriend and I had a hot dog last night. I enjoyed it.
by JimmyBobBilly August 7, 2009
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a tube, shaped food that consists of dog testicles, cat eyeballs, moose noses, raccoon spleens and other wholesome animal parts
I ate a hotdog yesterday...I'm in the hospital today
by Me Myself and I July 29, 2003
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for adults: a food enjoyed by many.

for kids and teenagers: an immature innuendo for penis
adult: This is an amazing hot dog

kid or teen: my hot dog is this big *holds hands far apart*
by pyrost December 3, 2014
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