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something horny girls shove up their vagina
Girl 1: oh, i am so horny!
Girl 2: shut up and shove a hot dog in it!
by pxuxsxsxy December 13, 2011
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Hot dogging - Usually reserved for when sex is an unavailable option. Simply put your dick between her ass checks and hump away. (A wiener between the buns)
"Sorry babe I'm on my period, but you can still do some Hot Dogging."
"Hot dog me like one of your french girls"
by A brick October 2, 2018
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my hot dog was so tasty I shoved it up my ass too.
by assholes are sexy March 22, 2016
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The act of sexual outercourse where the man slides his penis between his partners buttocks.
Hey I was hot-dogging this chick last night and it was awesome!
by Tbl Herp! March 12, 2011
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Noun: hot-dog

An erotic sandwich consisting of a thrusting penis between two female breasts.

Verb: hot-dogged, hot-dogging

To place ones penis between a females breasts and thrust repeatedly, thus creating the erotic sandwich known as a hot dog.
"Man, her jugs are screaming for a big fat hot dog!"

"How would you feel if I hot-dogged your delightful breasts?"

"She wouldn't let me fuck her ass, so I had to settle for hot-dogging her titties."
by JayVeeDawg June 29, 2012
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