Placing your penis in between the girl/womans buttcheeks like a hot dog, when about to engage in doggystyle.
I hot-dogged my girlfriend yesterday, t'was a great sight..
Hot-dogging is the best looking tease in the world.
by Baktus June 21, 2016
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something horny girls shove up their vagina
Girl 1: oh, i am so horny!
Girl 2: shut up and shove a hot dog in it!
by pxuxsxsxy December 13, 2011
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When a man spoons with a female and lays his penis in between her ass-cheaks.
Think of it as an actual hot dog. The wiener is in between the bun. "Dude me and my girl went to go take a nap and we started Hot Dogging it. It was so comfortable!
by Duck boots and young sloots February 3, 2015
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Noun: hot-dog

An erotic sandwich consisting of a thrusting penis between two female breasts.

Verb: hot-dogged, hot-dogging

To place ones penis between a females breasts and thrust repeatedly, thus creating the erotic sandwich known as a hot dog.
"Man, her jugs are screaming for a big fat hot dog!"

"How would you feel if I hot-dogged your delightful breasts?"

"She wouldn't let me fuck her ass, so I had to settle for hot-dogging her titties."
by JayVeeDawg June 29, 2012
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