Little Johny didn't want to get his girlfriend pregnant, even though she was on birth control. So instead of the mundane vaginal pounding that he would like to do, they just had butt sex.
by magic bananas February 21, 2011
What some lucky few straight guys get to do with their ladies...

What some unlucky prison bitches get to do with big Bubba.

What gay dudes do all the time...
by Jew Reelie Wanna No March 29, 2009
Anal Sex.
When a man puts his dick up a woman's/another man's arse and fucks it.
by Glittery Goddess May 24, 2004
Where you have someone put a penis or a fake penis inside your ass.
by Jillthemaster August 22, 2004
Any sex involving the anus. There are three degrees to butt sex:

1. Regular butt sex. That is anal sex involving plenty of lubrication and great care to avoid injury.

2. Rough butt sex. Anal sex involving little lube by those who like it rough. Spit or similar substances may also be used.

3. Angry butt sex. No lube, no preparation. Obviously not a very happy time for the recipient.
1. The kind of butt sex most people have.

2. Think Brokeback Mountain.

3. ...ummm....I don't think this actually happens.
by The mighty anonym May 22, 2007
The act of lighting up a cigarette, smoking the whole thing, then using the dying embers on the cigarette butt to light up another.
Chain smoker: I was so stressed yesterday that i had butt sex six times in one sitting while smoking my camels.
by Fl3tch3r November 19, 2009