This is famous in Cleveland. Barbeque sauce poured on an item ordered at a soul food restaurant.
Let me get fries with sauce.
by TBrown April 08, 2008
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Another way for saying 'For sure'. Mainly originating in Southern California. Like saying 'of course'.
Dude, could I get your surfboard for the weekend? For sauce bro.
by MDawg175 February 13, 2017
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Sounds like the word source. Used when a person wants to know the source of the media, usually revolving around anime, manga etc.
What's the sauce?

It's boku no pico.
by League ruined my life October 04, 2021
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A popular term of endearment used to convey high approval and validation of someone and/or something.
Person 1: You got this bro, two more reps
Person 2: Fuck that, watch me do three!
Person 1: That's the sauce!
by Malvolo October 31, 2013
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1. Really really extremely intoxicated
2. To be intoxicated to the point were all you can say is "I'm sauced"
Friend: "Hey Trevor are you ok?"
Trevor: "I..I..I'm sauced"
by CWang June 09, 2013
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To lay it on thick so to speak with words of admiration. To have strong feelings towards another. To crave someone or have lustful thoughts about them.
by LadyDanika December 17, 2015
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