when a male rubs his penis between another male or female's butt cheeks with out penetrating the anus.
Jack hot dogged Sally untill he blew his load.
by Weird Mal November 17, 2003
no clothing remains on one or both sexual participants while they engage in the "motions" of sex without actual penetration taking place. Just like dry humping but w/o clothing. The penis rubs between the lips hence the name hot dogging.
Sam and Joan have been hot dogging it for a while since Joan wants to keep her virginity until she's married.
by Kelly & Travis February 6, 2006
having sexual intimacies in an automobile while being watched by strangers
in a parked car where consentingmembers of the public can watch/join in.
by mary and richard June 19, 2004
When you have a girl get on all fours, and you then put your penis on her neck. As she lifts her head up she'll create a "bun around your hotdog" and you proceed to fuck her neck.
Kathy came home with me last night and she had her period so I was hot dogging her for like an hour.
by MxExL November 12, 2007
A name for a small dick that's the size of a Hot Dog. The fact is having a little weiner is most common in the Ross Ohio area.
I sure hope that my Hot Dog isn't to small for Renne.

Have you seen Jimmy's penis? Yes it's little and looks like a hotdog.
a piece of meat that is cooked and is always enjoyed at baseball games
if you can tell what meat makes up a hotdog please post it here
by JayKay February 25, 2005
When a naked male gets a boner and sandwhiches it in between his also naked partners ass cheeks, thus forming a hot dog.
When i rolled over to spoon my girlfriend in bed one morning, she yelled at me for hot dogging her when my hot dog slipped in between her buns.
by Greengoodness July 28, 2010