It's like a camel toe, only WAY WORSE
Debbie wears Lee Jeans from the early 80's that give her a giant HOOVE in the front.
by Skillett March 31, 2004
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n. A phenomenon that occurs when a person (usually a female) wears jeans or pants that are much too long with heels and the pant covers the heel completely, stretching at the bottom to create the appearance of a hoof. Frequently sported by celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez.
"OMG, look at Jenny's pants! They're so long she has hooves!"
by El W May 8, 2009
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a nicknmae of travis
yo hooves
by travis January 6, 2004
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Used when someone must suck, or hoot, a marijuana smoking device, most often a bong, with the intensity of a Hoover vacuum cleaner to finish their respective bowl and or chamber.
That's a big bowl man, you'll really have to hoove it.

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Feet. The appendages extending from the ankle of homo sapien.
"Stop holding D! Pick up your hooves and get to work!"
"My hooves are aching in these bad platform shoes."
by Der Künstler January 16, 2006
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someone that everybody likes and is very athletic and funny.
ha ha ha, i love shane he is so hoov!
by yorky February 25, 2007
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