I was just told… that my horrible, hoore wife has tricked me into raising two bastards for 30 years, and I’m not supposed to make a scene! Whoa! Oh, excuse me? Oh, did you bang my wife? Huh? Did you bang my hoore wife? Does anybody here have any illegitimate children with my hoore wife I should know about? - Frank Its always Sunny
by aliel March 23, 2010
A good Scottish word meaning either a prostitute or to be used as a word of surprise, also as a description of fast speed.
1. "Look at that dirty wee hoore!"
2. "Oooh ya hoore! Thats rajj!" (see rajj)
3. "We went hoorin' round the corner at 80mph"
by Neil Paterson August 23, 2006
the fancy way of saying "whore"
that girl is such a hoore
by fidelma November 30, 2010
Hoor.. a female Arabic name which means ‘ the angel of heaven ’ She is a very pretty girl with gorgeous skin, she is an extrovert person she loves making friends and she is very trustworthy and a great person. if you ever get A great friend or best friend like her. Well you’re a very lucky person she will always have your back and she will always find a way to make you happy. Hoor is a girl who you’ll have an everlasting friendship with 💕🦋 you gotta luv her...
I totally ship hello kitty I mean how can you not... how about you Hoor
by 🧸 May 16, 2019
Irish. Can be used in both friendly and derogatory contexts

1. Crafty rogue - lad about town. Ususally up to some divilment or on the take some how.

2. Whore/Prozzie.
1. He's a cute hoor! - Isn't he awfully crafty? But he gets away with it cos he's a cute hoor.

2. Look at that young one dressed up like a hoor! And her not even 13 years old!
by Scandal June 28, 2004
hoor is an amazing beautiful special girl.she is kind, precious and love-able. She likes to share and she cares for others.she loves to explore new things whether it's inside a book or whether it's around the world.she is one of the luckiest of them all. Her beauty is one to love she is the prettiest of them all, inside and out. If you know a hoor I suggest u keep her around. She is the brightest star you would ever meet she is so kind some think she's fake but she isn't. She is very clever. hoor is a brilliant girl and I know I maybe describing her as a perfect one but she isn't nobody is. hoor has impeccable taste in clothing and she is sweet and loving if u ever need advice go ask a hoor if u know one. Her smiles can give you a warm hug.
im jealous of hoor.
by imreallycrusty April 3, 2019