Discrimination or prejudice against straight men or women by Gay, Lesbian,Transgender or Bisexual people.
homosexism is the subtle yet open discrimination or unfriendly comments made towards or about members of the straight community. They may seem harmless when made but can and do still have a negative effect on the people they are made about such as referring to straight people or couples in a derogatory ways like calling them "breeders" or making comments referring to having children as being gross etc.
by Dave1234567891011121 November 29, 2013
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Homosex is slang for gay.
It is derived from the word Homosexual.
Todd: ey man, would you like to watch some pokémon with me?
Bill: Your mom is homosex!!!1!!1
Todd: This is why nobody likes you
by Nidardos RatOiler August 8, 2021
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They had wild homosex last night while the cow said moo!
by Miggy12 December 24, 2003
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1) n; a title used to denote a straight person that acts like a homosexual

2) n; a title used to denote a person who acts stupid, unintelligent or inanely

Not to be confused with homosexual

See also: fagfire
If you don't stop talking to me, I'm going to rip your face off, homosex.
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
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Shirley Q. Liquor's ignunt pronunciation of the word "homosexual".
"Where all these homosexicals is started comin' from? You know what I'm sayin'?"
"Hell, they got so many names fuh it, and then bulldygles, I'm sorry, lebeezuhns!..."
by mindtch0101 May 28, 2009
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