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A word true gentlemen use when they agree with something another gentleman has spoken. It can also be used as an adjective in stead of "really".
That man is quite the lad. Yes, quite.
by The Sophisticated Gentleman February 16, 2012
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A phrase uttered to indicate indifference to a previous statement, usually a statement intended to impress the utterer.
Regrettably, it has fallen out of use in recent years.
"Yo I got bitches and hos yo and my car has 40 inch rims and a speaker system the size of a small European country yo and my bitches and hos all ride in it and they give me and my homies blowjobs while driving yo!"

by donoteat01 September 03, 2009
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In this context, quite is used as a stand-alone adjective. A non-specific expression of approval. Equivalent calling something or someone "money."
Damn yo, that girl is quite!
This shit is quite!
by The Juice Man April 27, 2005
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Quite - 21'st century slang for yes

came about in the suburbal area of long island, . . . by two girls named anna and christa.
Chris: i am an inventor
anna: quite
by anna March 09, 2005
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An unfortunate (and all too common) misspelling of the word quiet. This usage originates from cheeky gits attempting to parade their self-affirmed expertise regarding the latest 133t computer hardware. Examples are most often found in customer-submitted reviews of equipment such as CPU coolers, graphics cards, power supplies, water cooling systems, and most commonly, case fans.
Instances of the term actually should prompt product re-evaluation in sensible folk, as users of it call into question whether they are capable of critical thought, or if they even own said equipment.
1. The fans included with the case were quite.

2. The replacement cooler was quite compared to the stock one.
by MacKellar November 11, 2006
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That's not how you spell quiet, you dumb person.
Friend texting: I'm really quite around new people...

Me: What
by Haha lol ksksksk August 21, 2019
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This means "Kevin is the man!"
I quite, just rename the book to something like "Why Ambizzy and Mousee wanna be just like Mach"
by Mach1 September 09, 2004
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