A nickname for especially pink breasts introduced by the Dutch prairie settlers of eastern Montana. A bra was commonly referred to as a Hogan Holster.
"Doctor, can you prescribe some salve for my puffy hogans?"
by max barshled August 12, 2007
Breasts larger than average.
She's got some hogans! or, I'd love to slap my cock between those hogans!!
by Ry May 21, 2004
She has a beautiful set of hogans.
by Leslee November 9, 2003
When you cum in a girls eye
When I cam I Hoganed and she got mad and yelled at me
by The Hogan January 29, 2016
The Hogan; after you cum on your partners face you deliver a leg drop to the head stand up and strike a muscle pose.
The Hogan; After tit fucking her you cum on her face and leap up and drop the leg on her!!!!!!!! Strike a Hogan like pose and call to the crowd.
by Nick Price March 2, 2011