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A nickname for especially pink breasts introduced by the Dutch prairie settlers of eastern Montana. A bra was commonly referred to as a Hogan Holster.
"Doctor, can you prescribe some salve for my puffy hogans?"
by max barshled August 11, 2007
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She's got some hogans! or, I'd love to slap my cock between those hogans!!
by Ry May 21, 2004
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A unit of breast measurement. One Hogan is the equivalent of one mouthful of breast.
"She's got a cute face, but only has about one Hogan on top. The judges will deduct points for that."
by rtbergman December 20, 2011
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a huge lie that tries to make yourself look cool
Thats a hogan you totally told me yesterday you got bit by a shark
by youto February 02, 2011
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Inspired by a Canadian princess and used to describe when a man totally conquers a high-maintenance women by means of 'tearing her ass up'. A Hogan is a great looking women, out of the league of most men, who uses her wit and sexuality to hold the feelings (and cocks!) of men hostage. Never really giving up too much (physically), but teases constantly...Getting Hoganed is tantamount to schadenfreude for those men who have been played by this type of woman.
Jim: So I heard you went out with Carol last night, she is such a bitch...and so high-maintenance...what are you doing?!?
John: Yeah, but she is so hot...and what an ass!
Jim: That's true...
John: Guess what - I totally Hoganed her last was awesome!
Jim: No way man! Well done...Congrats.
by John Jim March 30, 2006
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