A combination of a homie (homeboy) and bogan. Usually seen wearing or speaking from different elements of rap/hip hop (homie) and heavy metal (bogan) culture. For example, wearing a basketball shirt and bandanna with tight black jeans and black boots.
"There were a lot of hogans hanging around at the train station."

"Watch out for those hogans, they'll fuck you up"
by suggins April 21, 2005
Noun, used to describe people who have their roots in the Heavy Metal Bogan culture but then moved onto hip-hop / electonica Homie culture.

The word is an amalgamation of the words Bogan and Homie, which reflects the fact that "Hogans" have adopted both cultures in equal parts.
The Hogan was wearing baggy cross-color jeans and a ripped faded AC/DC t-shit at the rave.
by Cons April 26, 2005
A typical Irish Roman Catholic surname, many of whom would have rebel or fenian connections. Wrongly believe all of the ills of the world are British related and support any anti - British events in principle e.g. IRA murders, invasions of the Falklands, Nazi Germany, covering up child abuse at Roman Catholic Scottish football clubs and so on.
The IRA are dead right, all them bad proddies have been persecuting us for centuries so us HOGANS are justified in supporting IRA atrocities at Kingsmills, Darkley, Enniskillen etc.
by Poor Scouser Tommy January 29, 2008
Pronounced with emphasis on the second syllable (HoGAN), Hogan is the scientific term for one cubic mouthful of female breast.

The Standard Cubic Mouthful, which is made of corrosian-impervious platinum, is on display in a sealed, leak-proof glass container at the US Office of Weights and Measures in Washington DC.
The cute redhead had such big tits that it was almost impossible to estimate how many Hogans they were.

The well known film "Hero Hogans" featured extremely slim, fit, big-titted young WACS (members of the Women's Army Corps) whom the Germans captured during World War II. Needless to say, following the example of a television series with a similar name, the soldiers manning the prison camp were themselves real boobs.
Upsetting a woman, then spending a consiberable amount of time having your life made a living hell by her.
"During our divorce case, I got totally Hoganed by my wife."
by Me_Hate_Libs August 1, 2009
v. To have one's voice crack, as if one were going through puberty.
I'd like to buy a ::voice cracks::Twix...woah, I just hoganed.
by BorgHunter January 14, 2005