Gabe: dude dont take my frito lay BBQ twists!
Mike: these are mine, go get your own bag and stop being a Hogan.
by MdEco666 March 18, 2009
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When you take a piece of meat(Cooked or raw), and then slap it across a woman's face.
That bitch gave me mad lip, so i gave her a hogan!
by George December 04, 2004
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To harvest one's fart and deliver the odor to another person's nose.
Pete gave me the worst Hogan! He used a pickle jar.
by Foolery Plaza August 20, 2006
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When a woman is over 5'11, and isn't fat, but comfortably thick.
by BOOMinyourpants February 17, 2010
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Complete fucking asshole. a person who is too ugly to have a girl and has to fuck all those lads on the street. He is fucking annoying and has a small dick. He will call you gay but ignore him, he is completely gay for his thicc best friend. he has the thickest mouth ever that will gobble up ur vagina.
Hogan is such a dickhead
by shutthefuckupandreadmyshit October 20, 2019
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slang for boobs. another example would be side hogan, when you only see the side of the breasts
wow, at the beach today...there was mad hogan!
by projectmcl August 10, 2004
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