A really good looking guy, who has fantastic style. He takes pride in his looks and his clothes. Girls are drawn to his swagger and he's an athlete. His eyes dazzle and he has the best sense of humor ever. He also has lots of confidence and girls like that about him. He is the type of guy you want to be around all the time. Even though lots of girls like him, he isn't a player and he's very romantic.
Isn't Hogan just the best?
by Tom fiodi December 16, 2014
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usually a last name.
sexiest last name in the world.
and who ever has it is so PRETTY AND HANDSOME & sexy!

hogan's are hot.
we're the hottest hogan alive.
by hottiebrenda February 27, 2008
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The art of tossing your leftovers from a car moving at a high rate of speed.
Dude pass me those hash browns from Denny's.
I'm going to Hogan them at this old lady raking leaves!
by luder1138 April 15, 2010
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Best viewed whilst wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans, a hogan is the space between the thighs just under the groin. It is measured in finger widths, but can be difficult to observe in the obese or overweight. A "five finger hogan" is the mystical equivalent of the Irish four leaf clover.
Guy 1 "Check her out"
Guy 2 "looks like a three finger hogan to me"
by w00pa1 December 26, 2008
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Inspired by a Canadian princess and used to describe when a man totally conquers a high-maintenance women by means of 'tearing her ass up'. A Hogan is a great looking women, out of the league of most men, who uses her wit and sexuality to hold the feelings (and cocks!) of men hostage. Never really giving up too much (physically), but teases constantly...Getting Hoganed is tantamount to schadenfreude for those men who have been played by this type of woman.
Jim: So I heard you went out with Carol last night, she is such a bitch...and so high-maintenance...what are you doing?!?
John: Yeah, but she is so hot...and what an ass!
Jim: That's true...
John: Guess what - I totally Hoganed her last night...it was awesome!
Jim: No way man! Well done...Congrats.
by John Jim March 30, 2006
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1.) An expression of positive approval or agreement.

2.) Of top quality or perfection, unequalled in all regards.

3.) A testement to greatness.
a) Me: "I slayed this RX-7 in my minivan tonight and showed him what's up"
Scott: "Hogan"

b) This Quiznos sub if fucking hogan.

c) Eli Wallach was hogan in The Good The Bad and The Ugly
by Whorse January 12, 2005
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During intercourse, allow the female to get comfortable swallowing down your hoss. When the female seems to be fully involved giving oral to your tubesteak, one must then take a pair of hair trimmers from his back pocket or another close by concealed location, and shave the top of the females head resembling a skullet. This must be done near your climax point because the trimmers may stun the unsuspecting female. After you trim the shit out of her skull you should be ready to rocket semen. Remove the ding dong marinating in the females mouth and precede to spludge your jizz on her face in the shape of Hulk Hogan’s mustache. Now, smile, take a step back and look at the female. In front of you should be a woman now representing the immortal Hulk Hogan. Best results with blond haired women.
So I was fucking my girlfriend and I had my hair trimmers by the bed so I decided to Hogan her ass.
by Enormo McKean March 22, 2007
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