Short for "home office". Term used by entrepreneurs who work from home but are unsure whether to refer to it as a home or office.
"Alright, I'll email the documents when I get back to the hoffice"
by Cyrus Ruffy February 23, 2012
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noun - a location primarily used to deceive colleagues and employers into believing that work is being carried out from home. Derived from the words "home" and "office".
Mr. Smith - "I'd like those TPS reports on my desk by Thursday please"
Johnny Fraudulent - "Sure Mr. Smith, I'll complete them in my hoffice tomorrow and email them to you"
by guruwong July 22, 2005
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Something that is horrific and officially sick at the same time.
Maz: "Henry omg please buy me this Pikachu knitted face hat it's so cool!"

Henry: "It's horrific! like Skitt's aggressive yeast infection."

Maz: "No way it's Hoffically cool!

Skitt: "Jesus my inflammation has spread to my back..."

Maz: "Henry told you to get antifungal medication but you were adamant on using butter."
by zam ituokalam May 19, 2010
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