2 definitions by zam ituokalam

Stupidity of epic proportions that has a totally uncool/ undesired effect.

Such as systematic and creatively planned accounting fraud, known as the "Enron scandal".

A scandal that was really uncool for the 22,000 employees who subsequently lost their jobs due to the actions of greedy piggies.
Maz: "Skitt did you get my copy of Bayonetta for PS3 that I asked you to get me with my money?"

Skitt: "Yeah here you go..."

Maz: "Skitt you brought me Bayonetta for 360! And I also see you've managed to top yourself up on crack. You fucking jabron".
by zam ituokalam January 21, 2010
Something that is horrific and officially sick at the same time.
Maz: "Henry omg please buy me this Pikachu knitted face hat it's so cool!"

Henry: "It's horrific! like Skitt's aggressive yeast infection."

Maz: "No way it's Hoffically cool!

Skitt: "Jesus my inflammation has spread to my back..."

Maz: "Henry told you to get antifungal medication but you were adamant on using butter."
by zam ituokalam May 19, 2010