4 definitions by Cyrus Ruffy

Trading cars temporarily or permanently, with friends or other people.
I found this sweet ride on the CarSwap app and had to switch it up!
by Cyrus Ruffy November 25, 2020
Short for "home office". Term used by entrepreneurs who work from home but are unsure whether to refer to it as a home or office.
"Alright, I'll email the documents when I get back to the hoffice"
by Cyrus Ruffy February 23, 2012
When a human's job is replaced by a robot, machine, or software.
Jack got roplaced by a self-checkout machine.
The robot vacuum roplaced Jill's job.
by Cyrus Ruffy November 17, 2019
Unintentionally spending money (eg buying things or online shopping) while asleep.
Long story short, I accidentally dropped $1.6k on an Amiri shirt while sleep-ballin last night..
by Cyrus Ruffy February 12, 2022