Only one of it's kind, a kid named Josef in New Zealand. You have the right to call him SKITT only if you are his brothers friend or are older than him.
someone:OMG! It's SKITT!
SKITT: My name's Josef!!!
by n00b_skol_bus March 27, 2007
Dude, I am so skittely right now, I can taste the rainbow. How come I am so skittely today, seems all I want is my skittles. Im skittely because I love the colors of skittles turn me on.
by skittle monsta May 17, 2010
The pure positivity. Beeing Skitt is a euphoric feeling combined with creativity and optimism. Skitt people radiate a positive aura to the people around them.

Can also be used to describe the high feeling after smokin a Joint
Ur so optimistic about it, ur really a skitt person.

Im fkin Skitt after this blunt.
by The Psychonaut June 9, 2021
The intensity of your Skittle-braugh

(per 12oz beer)
1-5 skittles - semi-skittely
5-9 skittles - moderatly-skittely
10+ skittles - super-skittely
"I just went with semi-skittely tonight."
"That's lame. I made my skittle braugh super skittely. I have 13 skittles!"
by Misery507 May 7, 2008
1) people who try to issue corrections (particularly spelling and grammar) are likely to commit the same offense themselves, usually in the actual post where they're making the correction.

2) Any correction of the speech or writing of others will contain at least one grammatical, spelling, or typographical error.
On a social network or forum:
"my mohter went out"
"dude, you mispelled mother"
"dude, you misspelled misspelled"

That's Skitts Law
by Who Done It June 29, 2012
Abreviation for tropical flavored skittles. (blue package)
hey can i get some of those trop skitts?
by sammyk429 April 13, 2009
An Egotistical child with sicc rhymes and bars. Often called Skittles. Known for dropping the gayest rhymes ever and being in a group called wacky Wackoff.

Another word to describe him is 'hella gay'
"Yo, you heard LIL SKITTS new song?" - You

"Get back to picking cotton you nibber" - Normies
by Big Parappa June 3, 2018