1) Involving thievery, cheating and/ or scheming.

2) Characterized by, constituting of, or gained by fraud

3) To act in a trifling manner; fake, or otherwise trickin'.
1) "Listen how fraudulent this is; someone stole my copy of The Big Lebowski and and didn't take the case... Like, why don't you just fart in my mouth while you're at it"

2) Enron=Fraudulent

3) They say it aint trickin' if you got it, dats fraudulent.
by C Mueda March 23, 2010
1. Being a lying whore. 2 Being a Friend Who ditches people. 3. Being a Straight up cunt. 4. Being a heart breaking, backstabbing girlfriend
Damn mom i loved this girl and gave her the world, but she decided she didn't want me. What a fraudulent bitch.
by sun of a gun January 10, 2009
Willfully presented in an untruthful or false manner. Fake.
Ebay is full of fraudulent products being "sold" by fraudulent con men.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
to say something false; getting dissed when you say something that is false or untrue to its epidamy.
Tom: "Yo did you hear that Rick had sex with almost everygirl last night?"

Will: "haha nah kid don't believe what people be sayin that kid is fraudulant"
by C.Butler, CBizzle September 7, 2008
The act of commiting fraud. Most often used when trying to avoid work.
Nick says he has a sales call, but you know hes full of it, its complete fraudulation.
by E.O.D. June 3, 2009
To actively create and maintain an untrue, or fraudulent, situation so as to achieve widespread misunderstanding, especially the creating of a belief in something that isn't true and doesn't exist, and also, that certain events are evidence of its existence.
The Ukraine fraudulation followed similarly along the same lines as its predecessor, Russian Collusion. It was easy to fraudulate amongst people who assumed you were telling the truth, and wanted you to be telling the truth.
by Wendy S. October 7, 2019
a person you cannot get along with e.g an enemy.
often used by dell tha funkee homosapien. (who is awesome)
now you and your crew are on a mission tryin' to hawk me
but it isn't happenin' ya fraudulent foes
by Pedmole5 October 18, 2008