A girl with a big heart and will help anyone who feels sad. Doesn’t give a fuck about many things but does care about her friends way more than she should. She also acts really innocent but has the dirtiest of minds. She really cares what people think of her, which messes with her self esteem. Maz doesn’t realise how hot she is and that’s what makes her so damn beautiful. Acts shy when you first meet her giving off an unapproachable vibe however if she liked u she will be so loud and weird
Terry: why don’t people date Maz

Gerry: not approachable enough
by Binto3215 May 6, 2019
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Arv. for Masturbastion. To stroke or rub oneself with intention of sexual arousal. Can include, not exclusive to handies, fingerings, pillow sex.
"Henry fed the chooks al.l night. The man can maz like a tiger"
by trickyan June 16, 2012
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1 - Double-crosser.
2 - lack of testosterone.
1- "You are such a Mazzer, you know what?"

2 - "That Maz needs to get laid."
by Asanti Sana, Squash Banana January 24, 2004
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A common word meaning a boy who will meet a girl and subsequently abandon all of his friends, even when the girl is no good for him.
Where is he?
He's with Chloe, what a maz.
by Sexy DaveyC March 2, 2009
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To gag the vag of a Friday afternoon. Or smash the beaver on a Saturday.
When it’s Bittie’s birthday you know it’s time to smash the flaps with a mad maz session
by Bittieflicker January 15, 2018
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Maz is a person who wont give up on people he will always try help them as best to his ability he would kill just to help his family and friends and theres no backing out.
Family : Maz did you sort him out
Maz : Of fucking course i did your my flesh and blood
by Maz Rehman March 25, 2018
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A guy not only obsessed with the size of his cock but who also feels the need to tell anyone he's talking to how massive his cock is.
Hey Maz how you going?

Hey how you going dude, I've got a massive cock you know!
by sKiPnOh September 7, 2018
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