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Noun. A dense and widepread growth of pubic hair in close/medium proximity to a fanny. This apparel is often sported by Eastern European power field event athletes and gains its name from the large dense weave that is reminiscent of a winter overcoat
As Gretna grunted and hurled the hammer for the last time in her Olympic career, the men in the crowd winced as a an ample wedge of fanny jacket peered out of the bottom of her lycra bicycle shorts
by guruwong September 13, 2005
1. A person of anal disposition, esp. one who partakes in homesexual japery. 2. A mischievous, suspect dishonest or meddlesome gaylord
Marko enjoyed playing the bell end in his village people uniform, he was a real butt monkey
by guruwong February 4, 2005
noun - a location primarily used to deceive colleagues and employers into believing that work is being carried out from home. Derived from the words "home" and "office".
Mr. Smith - "I'd like those TPS reports on my desk by Thursday please"
Johnny Fraudulent - "Sure Mr. Smith, I'll complete them in my hoffice tomorrow and email them to you"
by guruwong July 22, 2005
1) Japery or tomfoolery around the Yuletide period
2) Placing an item of stationary in a teacher's pocket whilst he is unawares
1) Festive malarkey, festive malarkey, dum dum dum dee dum, dum dum dum dee dum (to the tune of Bodger and Badger)
2) I've just festive malarkied Johnny Slap with two pens and a stapler
by guruwong March 1, 2005