The accepted unit of measure referring to the degree of offense of an odor.
One would have to reach the stench of ten hobos in order to gain a measurment of 10 hobo power.
8-10 hobo power(or HP) may describe the exhaust fumes from the bus that just pulled in front of you.
A good broccoli fart might reach 25 hobo power.
At 50 hobo power there is projectile vomiting.
100 hobo power has never been documented in nature. It is theoretical at this point in science, much like absolute zero. It is widely assumed that if one were to experience 100 hobo power, its effects would surely be fatal.
I swear when Jimmy pulled that Yokozuna on my face, I almost puked. His ass must be about 45 hobo power.
by The Elusive Janteeee September 10, 2003
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A term coined by TV and radio personality Adam Corolla.

The level of stink/stench that can be given off by a human being. The scale goes from zero (they have no scent) to 50, which according to the creator of the term 'hobo power', is theoretical. In his own words, "If you experienced 50 hobo power, you would die."
One of the people who called in to the Loveline radio show explained he takes care of a mentality retarded man. He went home one night after his shift was over, and the next worker on the shift turned the heater up in the patient's bathroom. During the night, the patient went to the toilet and deficated, but missed and got some on the heater. The poor caller had to clean up the mess the next morning, and nearly threw up. Adam Corolla pegged the hobo power of the incident at about 26 or 27, stating that if the caller had slipped in the fecal matter, it would have been boosted to over 30.
by Ryan Thompson January 3, 2004
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The Man show chosen SI units for stench where 50 hobo power = vomiting and 100 hobo power = death. (see Chrons)
Guy1: dude this one time on this one time on the bus and Pat Austin puked everywhere, and people around us were gaging.
Guy2:yeah, i say gaging within a 10 foot radius is at least 50 hobo power plus 10.
by Nick Maynard May 13, 2005
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a scale that ranks the smelliness of a flatulate. the scale represents how many hobos, or flatulates, of that magnitude it would take to clear a 10 story building.

Scale Rankings
1-2 - a fart so nasty it liquifies a person's clothing and immediate surroundings. Immediate evacuation is needed
3-4 - a rank given to a fart with the ability of making those in close proximity vomit uncontrollably
5-6 - a mid scale fart that will generally make people clear a certain area, but not necessarily make them vomit
7+ - regular farts, usually people will comment and stop eating food, however they will not need to make an effort to evacuate the immediate area.
Example 1 -
Ricky: "Dude what happened to your clothes"
Bobby: "I accomplished my life long goal man, I released a flatulate with a hobo power of 1"

Example 2 -
Bersell: "Dude it smells like a dead animal in your house"
Foster: "That's because PK set free a hobo in there"
Bersell: "Damn, that musta been at least a hobo power of 4"
by Hobolicious October 17, 2006
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A unit of measuring the stench of bad odors, ie. hobos. Scale usually 1 to 100. One being nothing, 100 reachig the point of death.
I rolled up the window and hit my buddy with a fart at 50 hobo power.
by Victor Duran June 6, 2003
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A power hobo is one of the hopeless many typically found in bus stations, airports, Starbucks and other public locations scrounging around for a power outlet.

Unlike hobos who may congregate around a fire in the winter to keep warm, power hobos congregate around the scarce resources offered by 2 three prong outlets that are sparingly located. Typically you can hear them say "hey is there an outlet back there" or "could you spare a few minutes for me to plug into your power outlet".
The flight was late and the power hobos began to drift through the airport looking for a spare power outlet. Buddy can you spare a watt.
by Power Deprived Traveler December 10, 2012
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