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Something a man and women do when they are bored, or when people are close by- in that case cover with a blanket or jacket and apply poker faces
Hey, *insert male name here*, I'm bored... do you have your jacket with you?
by Kristine August 01, 2004

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The rule which gives you legal right to leave your place of employment when 20 minutes has transpired since your boss has left the building.
"Dude, my boss just left!! 20 MINUTE RULE is in effect!"
by Kristine December 14, 2004

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having expensive taste and multiple costly needs frequently.
The teenage girl had to have the expensive, name-brand shoes instead of the cheaper ones that were just as good.
by Kristine October 19, 2003

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A comfortable and functional piece of clothing that every girl must own, wait- let me rephrase that, every attractive girl.
Isn't my thong cute? I just bought it yesterday.
by Kristine August 01, 2004

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