by VictoriaCrown1 February 25, 2018
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History is the told stories of the world, usually revolving around how one society battled/invaded/took over/had conflict with another (i.e. Americans Americanizing everything), or the internal struggles in said society.

Most noticeable (and somewhat traumatic) events of history involve lots of death, despite the fact that people die every day - just in less dramatic ways.

An example of this is the Pearl Harbor Bombing of World War II.
History is always written by the people who win.
by oh dear, I'm nothing to you. November 09, 2017
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A tale made up to explain to the wife why you came home drunk
You won't believe what happend to me on the way home dear........
by Paul December 25, 2003
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The way the dead torture the living
Who gives a fuck what some crazy motherfucker did 2000 years ago in history!!! Why the fuck should I know this fucking shit!!! Fuck you!!!
by Jurus November 24, 2006
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My current study of education. What I plan to attend college for this coming spring/summer semester. To become a teacher. Film educational documentaries. Historic Preservation is my interest in life.
Kelly: In short the preservation of history we can restore humanity and hopefully break down the barriers of war to a new presence of survival:)

Guy: You baby lemme get that butt!
Kelly: Rewind history to the point where you started that sentence. Erase it. Say something with intelligent and We'll talk Sir.

Guy: Your no fun:(

Kelly: I have priority's to my family and myself to preserve what is missing in a Nation in war. Hopefully to teach that Even Rasmus in the 30's spoke of love vs. war. K rations (candy) being thrown to children in the streets by the soldiers. Even during the Six Years War there are many accounts of story's of people finding hope threw love. The preservation of humanity lay within the preservation of history and it's accounts. To become accountable people in the future:)
by KellyCollegeboundYESSS!:) January 15, 2010
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something you dont want your parents to see on your computer because its filled with useful stuff like porn and shit to masturbate about.
admit it.. history is shiiiiiitt
by goodwordmaster March 07, 2011
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The ideological analysis of selected events.

The histories of the following could be written:

Wessex; England; Britain; Great Britain; United Kingdom of Great Britain; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irleland.

English Economic; Scottish Economic; Irish Economic etc

The English people; The British People; The people of the UK of GB & NI; etc

The Americas; America; South America; United States of America; Canada; Mexico; North America; Novgorod, Russia; Soviet Union; Siberia; Ukraine; China; etc etc

The titles themselves imply ideological analysis and selectivity.

Clearly there are a large number of events but when does an event begin and when does it end? And ideology determines their selection and the weight given to them.

It is easy for us to confuse events with history.
It has been said that the assasinated President of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln had believed in emancipation of the slaves in his country but did not believe in their subsequent equality with the non slaves.

Is that brought out in the teaching of history received by USA people? Whether yes or no it represents an ideological analysis.

I am not certain that belief is an event.

"History is written by the victors" falls within the definition.
by Compagnero_2 March 14, 2010
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