Done with, over, dead, broken, the end of, no more
After you dropped that cellphone in the pool, I'm sure it is caput!
Tupac..... spelled backwards.....caput
by Mike Roberson July 6, 2008
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From the Latin, meaning 'head.' It's the root of words like captain.
Don't use caput in a sentence; it's obsolete. Kaput with a 'k' means broken, not caput.
by Writer Jonez May 21, 2020
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Is a word that a Yanky's use meaning 'Fucked Up'
Damn that Is Microwave Smells. Is it Caputs?
by Flyaway531 November 15, 2007
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Latin for shithead. Used when trying to insult a more intelligent person than you, hoping they do not understand what you have just called them, making them feel less intelligent.
Man1- Excuse me, do you know who you're talking to?
Man2- Stercus Caput.
Man1- (looks puzzled)
Man2- (walks off)
by JMUK July 14, 2012
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The Latin phrase “caput lupinum” means to “have the head of a wolf.” This colorful phrase was applied to convicted criminals or “outlaws.”
the minute Hitler opened his mouth on the jew subject he became caput lupinum.
by off-white October 17, 2008
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When something is incorrect but you want to cap and make it seem correct while capping, you say caputally.
That's caputally correct; If I may say sa caputally; You're so caputally smart;
by Jekcah December 3, 2021
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