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People who study the occult. They engage in various intimate practices and beliefs collected from many points throughout history that stress individual assessment and interaction with the Divine/universe/existance/etc. The occult discourages blind acceptance and usually involves magickal practice. I have never heard of an occultist that shoves their beliefs down the throats of others.

Some well known occultists:

Aleister Crowley
Grant Morrison
Timothy Leary
Franz Bardon
by Jennifer93 July 11, 2006
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People who are incredibly over obbsesive about a defunct god, the worst examples are Christians.
dude, get off of my land, and stop killing my pets.
God Will Send You To HELL! Hear Me Brothers Whoo
BANG. thats another less asshole. *chortle*
by sorrowful samwise January 14, 2004
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assholes who impose their beliefs on everybody else and who are responsible for every war that has ever been
looney toons who think way too much and manipulate everyone and everything
by suck me beautiful December 28, 2003
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