There are many different kinds of highs. I am high right now and this high is just from a couple hits out of a piece. A nice relaxing high that is easy to control and easy to get away with. For me the BEST kind of high is when you smoke 5+ bowls and you can't even remember your name, how to write, spell, or anything.

WARNING: Don't smoke too much before school! Or you're screwed. One time I couldn't remember how to write and I couldn't read. I would read a sentence and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't remember it right after I read it.

Hokay now another high. An amazing high. Shrooms. The best high of my life. I smoked too, though. But about an hour after the shrooms kicked in. For me when I smoked with it I didn't get paranoid at all and it made it a much more relaxing trip! And I wasn't in the best environment either. In fact it was the worst possible environment I could've been in. Srsly. Some catholic girl's birthday party with a bunch of 'straight edge' goodie goodie kids. (I didn't know it was going to be that kind of party)

anyways... yea for shrooms it's a completely different high than from pot. When they first kick in you start 'realizing' everything a lot more. You think about stuff a lot more. And then A LOT more if you smoke too. Seriously my friends called me a philosopher(sp.?) cause I kept on talking about what I was thinking. It was intense stuff, too. So have a pen and paper handy if you do them. Cause i can't remember what I thought of.

Now there's ecstasy. At the moment of the high it is the most AMAZING feeling in the world. You're the happiest you've ever been. You could hug your worst enemy and you could talk for hours on end. And when you smoke it makes it an even stronger high. You're in the best mood of your life and the come down begins to start once you realize that you want to always be that happy. When I'm on the come down I honestly don't know if the trip is worth it. But then the last time I rolled I had the worst come down. The time before that I wasn't that bad. Be with friends if you take E. Music is AMAZING. Oh and you lose your appetite. Even if you smoke too. Plan on being not hungry for a couple of days. Food wont look good. Oh but eat ice cream! It's the one food that I can eat easily after taking E. Maybe a shake would be good. You get really thirsty during the trip. So have water. And try not to grind your teeth too much. I've never had a problem with that, though. Oh and if you have a phone you're probably gonna call or text all of your friends telling them how much you miss them and that you want to hang out with them more. And don't watch a movie or T.V. while on it either. Trust me, just don't.

Of course there are other drugs, but I think those are the ones most commonly done and other stimulants it's pretty much the same as ecstasy, and acid is pretty much the same as shrooms. I like shrooms better. Just sayin. And they all have different varieties of high. And even with smoking weed there are different levels of a high. After smoking a couple times you will realize this. And there are different highs for different kinds of weed/ shrooms/ e. So you could possibly get a different high almost every time you do whatever :
high, i'm sierraaaaaaaaa
by i<3greens April 12, 2008
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a state of complete and total okay-ness. everything is fine and nothing is wrong. the best feelingin the world. i am high right now and it is amazinggggg. i love it. go. get high. now.
when you smoke weed, you get high
by stonerrrr June 13, 2006
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After inhaling the cannabis, you will feel somewhat fuzzy, like your body is outlined with a tingly sensation. Once this occurs you know you are only beginning to feel the high. After many more tokes, you will say to yourself: "Yes, I am getting higher and higher." When it all sets in and you've become "stoned" your eyes begin to become squinty and dry. The world now, may look like a skipping movie, or it may seem as if you are watching your own life on television. When someone's talking it is also normal to actually hear the words 2-3 seconds after they have said it. Eventually you may think of random funny moments in your life, and begin to laugh out loud for an unnecessary amount of time. And of course the people your with will say, "haha your really high aren't you?" And you think yes, yes i am (but you just laugh instead of saying yes). The conversations that you hear when you are high will have much more meaning than when you are sober and maybe even a little confusing. If you think of a story to tell and forget what you were going to say to everyone don't be surprised- for everyone has surely done this. Once you forget you will try to remember your story for about 15 minutes (or 1 minute but it'll seem like 15) and you'll realize that it is honestly impossible to recall it from your memory at the moment. So, instead, you continue watching TV. When you are watching TV or video games ect, it may be too much to bare. Two minute commercials will last about 10 minutes each in the state that you are in. And during video games your eyeballs are too slow to follow the people running/fighting. When you are high, I've experienced anyways that you talk to yourself in your head a lot more. You may be talking to yourself and realize how stupid your thoughts and comments are, and thank yourself that you didn't say any of that shit out loud. Tripping, and a loss of coordination is also a side effect. You may experience jerkier movements. "The munchies" is the best side effect. During this stage I believe that your stomach goes numb because no matter how much you eat it seems to never get enough. Your mouth begins to water and every bite tastes like the first and everything you eat seems five times better. It seems like you're not eating that much at the time, but when you think back, you ate a lot! Then eventually you say alright that's enough food I guess I don't want to weigh 400 lbs tomorrow. Usually after the eating stage, you will begin to feel tired or your eyelids feel as if they weigh 5 pounds each and you absolutely must close them. Yes, if feels so good! Once this happens you are down for the count, and will eventually pass out and you will have the best sleep of your life.
If you haven't been high, I HIGHLY recommend it.
by Toni44 July 29, 2007
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a feeling of euphoria. It's hard to explain, but basically they best feeling you will ever have. You feel nothing, but goodness. You're not cold or hot or uncomfortable in any way, it is just pure happiness, you feel no pain just a rush. It takes a lot longer to do something and you move really slow but it feels as if things are happening at a faster rate. You rap hella well and laugh hysterically at everything, it seems almost as if you're not really breathing. Something you say seems so thoughtful and deep but really its just meaningless stoner talk. Everything is beautiful and smiling at you. feel like a straw, as if water or some substance is rushing through your entire body and your spinning but it doesn't make you sick you feel like you're twitching but in reality you're not. People laugh at you, however you don't care because you're not actually there. Spend all morning rolling, so you can smoke later. ledge. being in a hella sketch place and just lighting up, not caring about anything, peer pressuring people into it, talking about everything and anything. your smoking instruments are you're babies.you make new friends. you never want to stop, you feel as weed is all you need. you wake up the next day still blazed out of your mind but feel the need to wake and back, and finally, every Kottonmouth Kings, Slightly Stoopid and Expendables song narrates you're fucking lifeeeeeeeee.
Saying things like
"hence the word, french fry"

"weed actually makes you smarter, the brain cells cancel out"

"i want to stop but they wont let me they will get mad"

"holy shit is that my dog?@ CHESTERRRR !@ COME HERE"

"okay lets leave in an hour?"
"wanna smoke another bowl first?"
"fuck yeah"
"fuck we gotta go!"

high ass mother fucker
by LEDGEbjlo October 12, 2007
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the most amazing feeling in the world. the first couple times you smoke, you almost feel like you're in a dream, watching the world go on around you. things also seem to be going in slow motion. when you're high, every little thing will seem funny, and you'll laugh till your stomach hurts. even at things that aren't meant to be funny, like someone saying their dog got run over by a tractor. you're eyes get real red and squinty, so make sure you keep a bottle of rhotos or visine on you. you also have th appetite of a wild animal, and you'll eat everything in sight. those munchies never fail. when you're high, you come up with ideas that seem amazing at the time, but then you don't remember them when you're not high. i'm really high right now. all in all, weed is godly.
damn dude, i'm so high. i feel like i could eat an antelope.
by letsparty217 February 24, 2009
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The best state to be in. It's the best feeling in the world. Here are some effects.

1. You start feeling really funny.

2. Sometimes you feel as if your body is shaking cause some parts of your body might start getting tingly or numb.

3. You laugh at everything, even the simplest of things, such as your cat meowing.

4. If you're getting in bed with your laptop and you're trying to get in a nice comfortable position, you feel like you're having an epic fight with your laptop (happened to me).

5. You start conversations with people on facebook or AIM that you most likely wouldn't do if you weren't high, simply because you're high and you're not worried about anything bad happening. For that moment, you're not shy or reluctant to talk to them.

6. You're not afraid to risk awkwardness or embarrassment.

7. Everything just feels so wonderful.

8. You feel really optimistic about everything. You don't have any bad thoughts.

9. You feel as if nothing can possibly go wrong.

10. Masturbation feels 10 times better. Seriously, jacking off while you're not high can't even remotely compare.

11. You feel really good about life, period.

12. Food tastes fucking amazing.

13. Movies become 10 times funnier.

14. Life is good.
guy 1: dude i tried calling you like 12 times last night...
guy 2: oh sorry man haha, i was busy jacking off for an hour...i was high too

guy 1: FUCKIN SWEET!!!
by hockeydude38 January 27, 2010
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the definition of high- why, i am right now.
everything seems amazing. you laugh at the most pointless things and feel like you're floating. high is eating a sour starburst and thinking of how its like a waterfall of starbursts. high is when you feel as though your fingers are dancing across the keyboard; that spongebob is the best television show of all time. so if you are reading this and do not know what i'm talking about--get alotta weed and something to smoke it with and have yourself a great time.
High- what every songwriter in the 60's got.
by xxheyxx December 13, 2008
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