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Hard to describe, but basically the feelings that you get after smoking a whole load of weed. After the first few J's you get a bit light-headed and if you keep smoking then everything can seem absoluteley hilarious and set yuo laughing for a good ten minutes, especially funny shit on TV, or funny words like 'Gognay'.
After the giggles stage you get unbelievably lazy and physically cant move off the sofa, unless you have the munchies as well when you go and demolish the whole cupboard full of food. When you're high music and film can seem to have a deeper relevance and more meaning to you. You can also spend ages looking at nothing in particular and getting forgetful and confused, which is hilarious. After that inevitably come sleep usually, and you spin out when you put your head down, I also get real paranoid sometimes. SO basically thats what being high is and its fuckin great to be honest. beats getting pissed anyday.
I was so high that I tried to walk up the stairs and ended up going out of the front door.

"Tilly Toom Tong?! Who the fuck is Tilly Toom Tong?"
by gognay May 09, 2005
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