4 definitions by joespagg

(n) Any person who acts drunk, stupid, or is just a general nuisance; an assh*le.
(v) to get drunk or act like an idiot.

neebed; neebish; neeber
Contraction of 'inebriate'.
Better pass this guy. He's driving like a neeb.

Q: What are you doing for St. Pat's?
A: Goin out to get my neeb on!
by joespagg March 18, 2006
any woman in an SUV who immediately goes over to the passing lane, regardless of what speed she's going. Often seen chatting on a cell phone or with kids in the back seat.
Contraction of "SUV-driving bitch"
I would have gotten here sooner, but I was stuck behind a suvitch.
by joespagg February 19, 2006
She stunned me with her headlights.
by joespagg February 18, 2006
visibly erect or aroused nipples on a woman's breasts. Usually seen through an article of clothing, such as a t-shirt.
She must be cold... her high-beams are on.
by joespagg February 18, 2006