Weird girl with intense eyes and incredible sex appeal. Their oras radiate red, like fire. Strong aggression. She's like a Martian pin-up. Make good life long, intriguing friends.

Very smart, very strange but also extremely beautiful w/ a curvaceous body and a good heart. Looks almost like she was sculpted or something. Alien like weirdness and exeudes extreme confidence but honestly insecure w/o the need to be. Can't see what the world sees.

Stunning girl with a crazy beautiful mind and doesn't care what people think so she inadvertently becomes a leader all the time because of people's fascination.
Kerri, you're a sexy freakin weirdo. I am your best friend of 10 years but ill never understand you.
by AnonymousLeigh October 11, 2013
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Kerri is a very friendly and athletic person. She is very kind, beautiful, and a loyal friend. She may seem a little odd but she rocks
Person: who is kerri?
Me: only the best person to ever live, my best friend, my homie, my sister
by YourBro. October 19, 2019
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Everyone needs a Kerri in their lives. She has got an amazing personality and laughs at everything. She's a loyal, trustworthy friend and is seen as real eye candy to the boys! She also has an angry side to her where she sees red and goes off the rails. She does look v sexii while angry though
Hey isn't Kerri piff, especially when she's angry?!
by gassed queen May 13, 2015
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An amazing girl that would never hurt anyone and a friend to all. She often thinks she’s not good enough but she is perfect on the inside and the outside. She is also one of the kindest people ever.
Kerri: thinks “why can’t I be like everyone else why am I not pretty like everyone else”

Everyone: thinks “why can’t I be more like Kerri”
by Big chungus69 March 4, 2019
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Super cute. She is the dream girl everyone wants and is just simply amazing and you will regret ever losing her. She is beautiful and she is the perfect girl that u dream of having. If you have her you are the luckiest guy ever!
Guy: damn she is hot!

Guy 2: she must be a Kerri
by Vegevsv February 28, 2019
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An amazingly beautiful girl. She has the sexiest lips and the cutest smile too. She is the girl of any man's dreams. Any man would be lucky to have her.
Kerri is so amazing! She is the only girl I ever dream about.
by TV<3KD October 17, 2010
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A girl who posses this name is often wild, curvaceously pin up like and brunette. Petite soft lips and and pale smooth skin and weirdly humorous at times. However she has a fiery temper and is not afraid to take it to the maximum! Loves to read, and has a emotional side.
"Damn that Kerri's hot, especially when she's mad ;)"
by raychanders January 17, 2012
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