A person from a rural area, most often white. They are afraid to venture into "big cities" and refuse to accept anyone who lives or once lived in a city. They may have heated arguements about Ford vs. Chevy and are willing to die for their auto-maker of choice. They consider Nascar a sport, and if a foreign car wins hell may have just frozen over. They have no tolerance for change or advancement as they are often poorly educated and ignorant. Often times they refer to items as "she" or "them" and speak with an accent.
Hick: "Them Chevys are the greatest cars in the world."

Me: "Go fuck yourself... hick"
by eugene54 May 03, 2008
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one who has only been doing things one way there whole life and is afraid to try something different. hicks don't act civilized and are often rednecks or hillbillies. hicks are everywhere.
hicks can be found in every country.
by clevelandsteamer August 06, 2005
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some one who lives in the country, born and raised, more than 15 miles from a city. Lives on a farm, instead of useing fields for crops they use the feild for mud running. own atleast one motorcycle and are very into what type of vehicle they like. drink bear 18 hours a day. wear harley davidson clothes. have a nine inch lift on there truck with huge muddin tires. have a party just to go hunting. animals are not allowed in the house. and are racist
my dads side of the family is every thing i just said above, we are your typical hick, we live 20 mile from the nearest town, we two motorcycles, very into ford trucks hate chevies, drink bear everyday of the week, have parties to go hunting, play in the mud with our dirt bikes and four wheelers, we live on a farm, cats and dogs sleep outside, my dad is very racist.
by paulc May 23, 2006
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My Grandma, my cousins who fuck each other, and my 13 year old cousin with a 15 year old son.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
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Another term for a cowboy or a person that has any association to horses. They are usually picked out of a crowd by their cowboy hats, baseball caps and wranglers.
If you went to Willits High School you would definitely know a lot of hicks.
by zanny May 26, 2004
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1. Someone with a limited and incorrect vocabulary. (usually a 3rd grade reading level)

2. Someone who use double negatives in almost every sentence.

3. Someone who has no sense of who they are. To define themselves, they wear only John Deere t-shirts and have a bull ball sack hanging from their truck bumper and attend psycho pentecostal church where they speak in tongues eat a lot of bake goods donated by their local supermarket.
She's a good christian hick girl that don't never do anything wrong.
by veg91172 July 01, 2009
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There are many variants of the hick species. I would like to describe the Northern Ontario phenotype. They are mostly male, but females are not uncommon.

Females can be recognized by their unhealthy obese stature, nicotine and beer stench, and raspy voice.

Northern Ontario hicks usually hold mindless jobs in paper mills, sawmills, mines, or collect disability benefits or welfare due to unhealthy lifestyles. More and more of them are becoming redundant because they are being replaced by things which are more automaton than they are: automation and robots.

They are mostly functionally illiterate, uneducated, backwards, uncultured, laggard, and unsophisticated.

Due to the fact they are functionally illiterate, they cannot read the instructions on condom wrappers or birth control pills resulting in the unfortunate dissemination of endless generations of hicks.

Hicks have a propensity to boast about the acquisition of mindless polluting toys such as ATVs, snow machines, and large gas sucking pick up trucks.

Their social status is manifested by the mountains of garbage they put on the curb every Tuesday. Recycling is considered an anti-social act. Mass energy consumption and waste is also a sign of hick behaviour. Running air conditioners at full capacity with the windows open in the summer and heating the house to a sweltering temperature in the winter are good examples of hick-ness.

Hicks can be also seen at the beer store on payday loading their pick up trucks with cases of beer before going on beer binging expeditions in the woods where they will leave tell tale signs of their presence such as empty Tim Horton's (a large coffee chain) coffee cups, trash, and empty beer bottles on the side of the road and in the forest spoiling the nature
they claim to be an inseparable part of their heritage.

The Northern Ontario hick can be recognized by the characteristic "ee" at the end of each incoherent sentence that it utters. Familiar sayings include "gonna drink some beer dayr ee" or "dat gas is ixpensiv dayr ee" My favourite is "sheez runnun real good dayr ee". It refers to the clouds of black smoke emanating from the tailpipes of their trucks.

A sure fire method of ridding hicks of the environment is to make them uncomfortable by trying to engage them in intelligent conversation, by introducing them to new terms such as anthropogenic climate change, science,art,epistemology, dialectics, and tautology, or by telling them that there is no such thing as heaven when they die. You tell them that they will go to a library or a university instead.
illiterate, incoherent, ignorant, wasteful, hick
by E from Hick Falls August 11, 2008
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