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A term arising from the 1950s denoting a high fidelity audio system. The term fell out of use after the advent of stereo, but is used today to denote a class of audio equipment above the mass market which reproduces audio faithful to the recording. The term is best used to differentiate real audiophile audio equipment from the myriad of clock radios, cheap home theater in boxes, and offcourse systems designed for listening to music of the urban persuasion.
Low priced high fidelity system: Energy speakers,Yamaha or Pioneer electronics.

Mid priced high fidelity system: Magnepan Speakers, Nad electronics.

High priced high fidelity system: JmLab Utopia series loudspeakers with Krell electronics.

Dude, I have a kick-ass hi-fi system, let's go listen to it.
by Angsuman Roy April 04, 2006
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vodka and orange carbonated drink.

much like a screwdriver, except with orange soda pop instead of orange juice, enducing a mad drunken sugar high when mixed with the right soda.
1:"Dude, we were bouncing off the walls at the rave from all the Hi-Fi's we drank last night."
2:"Who the fuck goes to raves?"
by HouseWares January 24, 2009
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The way in which one person would greet another person named "Fi".

Also (erroneously) short for "high fidelity" - used to describe recorded sound that sounds faithfully like the original production of the sound. It's a term that originated in the 1950's (before stereos) to describe sound-recording equipment that provided faithful reproductions, but nowadays is used mostly by audiophiles.
Fi: Hey there buddy!
You: Hi-Fi!

Pedophile: Come over here kiddie, these Bose speakers produce such high-fidelity sound!
Audiophile: No they don't.
by Pedophile May 17, 2008
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(hi-fee) A person (usually a woman) who acts like her shit don't stink or she's too good for anyone. Also includes fasion lemings who'll wear whatever some womens rag will tell them to. Unoriginal botches...
Vanessa is so hifi, it's no wonder she can't keep a man.

I don't like downtown clubs, the chicks are so hifi!
by Lt. Roastabotch March 23, 2006
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An acronym for "Hiearchical File System", a way of organizing files in a computer operating system.
HiFi refers to a computer file system that consists of a top down tree structure of branching nodes (terminal nodes and branches), where each node is a file (terminal node) or a directory (branch node) containing zero or more child nodes, such that each child node belonging to the same parent node must have a unique name. For example, the file system on a Windows or Mac PC.


+---- funny videos


+---- jokes


+---- Why did the cat cross the road, he didn't cause he was sleeping.txt
by FileInStyle December 19, 2018
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