Someone who usually looks at young audio equipment. And rapes it through various input and often output sockets.
"omfg an audiophile is touching my stereo!"
" Hes insertin a long jack plug in my amp!"
by marty February 18, 2005
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One who enjoys sex acts involving the ear.
After they stopped kissing, Jenny felt something touch her ear. She sighed. Why did she always end up with the audiophiles?
by Darcy_Tucker June 19, 2008
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"A lover of sound"
However as most people are lovers of music etc, the term audiophile points to people who love high end audio equipment and can distinguish between good speakers and bad ones, which cables to use, and can tell what bitrate an mp3 file is at... etc etc etc.
Audiophiles usually argue to the death as to which setup is best
'those monitors sound muddy as all hell'
"what? how can you tell good sir? I hear nothing wrong!"
'cuz i'm an audiophile you filthy monkey!'
by INCARNATE!!!! April 3, 2003
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A person who enjoys their audio equipment more than the actual music
Audiophile: "This song sounds so harsh on my DT-880"
by n1ko23 January 1, 2022
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One who listens to the stereo rather than the music.
by Brian May 5, 2003
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Audiophile is a word that is commonly used in some underground communities to mean a person who passionately enjoys music, generally to the extent in that it causes euphoria and/or arousal, whether spiritual or sexual. Many audiophiles generally favor music with deep bass.
"Natasha is an audiophile, it's always much easier to get intimate with her if she's been listening to music with deep bass."

"Ken always looks so euphoric when the bass sets in at the concert, he's a shameless audiophile."
by RainbowFoxy March 4, 2015
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A person who watches gizaudio reviews on youtube and then buys a pair of $500+ iems and then starts listening to very bassy music and jerks off.
Hey you know Cammy? He’s a total audiophile!
by icecolddrinks July 25, 2023
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