A day clouded by the wonderful effects of heroin. Also a Lou Reed song.
I'm having a perfect day today, at least til the smack wears off.
by Long April 16, 2005
n.) cookout/ adventure/reptiles/movies/ video games/ jams once intoxicated/ goodtalks/ everyone squeeze into one bed.
"Let's have a Perfect-Day!"
by Ragehoof June 30, 2009
a day with you of course, we could go on a walk or even stay home and it would still be perfect because you were there :)
we should go on a date

ohmygod that would be the most perfect day
by max,harris May 3, 2022
If you have a PBD, you feel very comfortable at bottoming today. There is no sign of diarrhea and your digestion is just on point. Your poo is neither too soft nor too hard. Maybe you’re even clean without douching!
Eric: „Omg, I have a Perfect Bottom Day (PBD) - not drinking coffee or alcohol for 3 days was totally worth it!“

Henry: „What a waste of my PBD, I can’t find any d*cks to ride.“

Carl: „omg, seems like I have a PBD, I think I should call this f-boy!
Leo: yeah sis, if you have a PBD you should seize the day and call that floppy uncut top and ride that d!“
by GioLit June 4, 2021
October 4th. A day to celebrate the most perfect wife in the entire world. Someone no one else in the universe could compare to
by admandu October 5, 2021