(Coloquial use Jamaica) can be used to replace modal verbs like should, must and have to when giving some advice or talking about something that is necessary to do.
You fi come before 12 man. (Should)

She fi buy you a nice ride for the summer. (Must)

They fi open back school before the end of the month.

(Have to)
by Tropical Rythms December 10, 2021
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Another word for 'TO'
Seh mi and Gurpz Resi link up kum fi create a plan

Lizten fi da man
by Gurpz Resi May 4, 2004
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Colloquial way of saying for in the Jamaica. Can also be used to replace the word 'to' in a sentence.

In other Caribbean dialects fah, fa etc
How come you still haven't come fi the car?

You have fi call a bit earlier.

Also has/have + fi become haffi in fast spoken speech.

You haffi tell the truth.
by Tropical Rythms December 7, 2021
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(v.) The act of making a hole in an item or object and using it as an orifis for sexual pleasure.

(n.) One such whole as used for sexual pleaure; specifically in jails a towel wrapped and held in place with rubber bands then filled with lotion, also possibly warmed beforehand in the shower.
(v.) Mack likes to fi-fi fruits and vegetables.
(n.) Nick was making much fun out of his grapefruit and orange fi-fis.
by E-unit January 21, 2006
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A hot fun party girl. Similiar to foo foo.
How about we hit some clubs and meet some fi fis?
by MikeWW January 7, 2004
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Someone or something that is hot or cool.
Greg you dat fi fi nig.
by jarriXI November 17, 2004
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A phrase originating in Chicago meaning "Fiesta" or party.

Each "Fi" is pronounced like the first syllable of the word "Fiesta"
1. Yo, let's go to Jason's house I heard he was throwing a mad fi fi tonight with thots all up in that bitch.

2. There's a fi fi on the block tonight. Let's go check that shit out bro.
by Kordman916 December 9, 2013
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