February 25 is the best day In February it is gods favorite day the queens born on this day are beautiful but feisty and would beat a bitch up for there real friends don’t get them mad but are joyful people and are always laughing
February 25 birthdays are the best
by Liners November 12, 2019
The 25th of February is the day an angel was born so it becomes the soft day, so if you know someone born in these day go congratulate them and thank them.
"hey did you see that angel, she's so sweet"
"she must've be born on February 25"
by Itsjustmehb October 15, 2019
A day that beautiful human being existed
JY: what day is it today?
CY: its february 25..why?
JY: how could i forget?! Today is my day B)
by YouAreBeautiful:) October 15, 2019
Sam: Yo it’s February 25..
Girlfriend: Then give me my damn hoodie, please :)
by Dreamydream February 18, 2020
Person: hey
Crush born on February 25: sup

Person: I like you
Crush: ......
by Robloxperson01 November 19, 2019
It’s fuck your mans day!
What day is February 25?

Fuck your mans day!
by ITSOKTOWANTTOO October 15, 2019