The worlds most stupid school. its sucks because the rules there are so stupid you can't hold hands you can't hug you can't do anything it's so stupid. worst of all you have to deal with ptsa the worlds most annoying people.
mike: where are you
juan: ptsa doesn't like my sweater so I'm in the office
mike: been there man
hgms is dumb
by the true meaning lol April 06, 2019
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HGM is a Music Artist and A Producer.

Goes by the Names lil HGM or just HGM.

Spotify: HGM

iTunes: HGM

Google Play: HGM

Deezer: HGM

Genius: Lil HGM
Have you Heard Lil HGM.

I've Heard of HGM.
by HGMEntertainment September 21, 2018
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Hot Ghetto Mess. A combination between ghetto and hot mess
Did you see Aretha Franklin in the bad fitting wig and the too small fur coat? HGM!

No, Tracy Bingham in the turquoise shirt dress with the silver sandal/boot with turquoise fringe is the real HGM.
by Dee Dubb November 05, 2010
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heavy gus mode witch mean ugly or realllllly ugly
me: yo joey ur hgm haha

joey: bro ur cool dood
by kuka1789 January 22, 2010
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When a person states something that is sexually suggestive or in reference to a past sexual escapade. The escapade is usually cringe, but not always. The general statement can be towards males and females.
Jessica: I know something big I'd like to see😘
Brad: HGM (Horny Girl moment)

Brad: I accidentally ejaculated inside her mouth...
Brad 2: HGM(Horny Girl Moment)

Jessica: You can come to my house any time😘(kidding)

Jessica's friend: HGM(Horny Girl Moment)
by JonAdams November 17, 2020
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Hialeah gardens middle, by far the best school ever, people talk so bad about it and its ticking me off, if u dont like it, then leave, hgms is a caring school with amazing teachers and I'm so proud to be there. H is Hialeah g is gardens m is middle s is school so in case ur wandering y I put this, it's to tell pple how amazing hgms is it's not trash people actually care, I went to mla and I was bullied so I came here.
Mla: boo steph and so your ugly
Steph: well it ding matter if I am bc I'm leaving to wonderful hgms
Mla: oh I wanna go
Steph: sorry they dont allow bullies
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