Origination from the North (early Canada more specifically in the Scottish/English area). Binghams are usually very long legged people well known for their bright eyes. These individuals have longly been famous for their constant temptation of alcohol and overly heightened sex drive.

Binghams are born loyal and in most cases lack the fear of death. However each Bingham has been recorded to be "crazy in their own way". Bingham has been a name that has been be spotted in the book of National Canadian Ancestry II. This is not only as a result of each individual's ability of being able to independently achieve wealth, but also because of their impact on the history of Canada.
Holy shit! That Bingham was amazing in bed.
by mary debelrotti March 20, 2010
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A street in tacoma that is loved by the local teens. most of them love weed and/or alchohol. A great community to arise in the event of zombies. also features collins elementry school, and a "Pretty Damn Quick" store close by (PDQ)
"holy shit dude fucking zombies!!!!"

"damn dude, im peacin out to bingham then"
by stonedkid October 18, 2011
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-The noise made when a ham has finished cooking in the oven
-The last name of a pretty amazing person
Laura: Bingham is pretty amazing tbf.
Sarah: Yeah she is. So is this ham.
Laura: Yeah.
by laaa laaa May 17, 2010
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The name of 3 things in the UK, 15 things in the US, and a crater on the Moon. Bingham is also a surname, and the name of a non newtonian material.

It's one word that is the real life equivalent of a dragon shout.
Chap #1: BINGHAM

Chap #2: *dies*
by RussianWithAPassion April 27, 2021
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Bingham. Pronounced "bing-um" Usually a male, A bingham is a person who often gets into fights, drinks to much and often makes a fool of himself.

There is usually a Bingham found at most parties, and is often best avoided in most cases. Irrational and rude and often with a working class accent.

He (or sometimes she) will often do annoying things either to make you angry or just for the hell of it.
"That Bingham over there is acting like a complete prick tonight, I hope he does piss in my shoes."
by The Aids guy July 28, 2009
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When one is going so hard on anything, for example sports, video games, or even sex, and they hit a climax of some sort. Going ham and then a BING!
Man I was playing Fornite and then 2 duos came up on me and I went bingham on their asses!
by WindexXP July 17, 2018
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